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  Understanding mechatronics

Mechatronics is the sweet spot at the intersection of mechanical systems, electronic systems, and computer software

Engineers from all disciplines are discovering that approaching design from a mechatronic view enables much more flexible, complex decision-making, which in turn leads to a more sophisticated and precise end product. Furthermore, it provides a much better way to meet the dynamic production needs of fast-changing industries as well as the ever-increasing expectations of consumers who demand devices that are more efficient, less costly, and easier to use.

  CMOS color imager sees from shadow to sunlight for mass-market auto apps
Video chip provides a 110-dB dynamic range so it can adjust to light much like the human eye.

  Industrial cameras offer higher resolutions
Both of the monochrome units can transmit data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100 m.

  Motor control SDK uses STR750 ARM7 MCU
The STR750-MCKIT ARM7-based motor control development kit aids the rapid development of high-performance vector-control applications for cost-sensitive appliance, industrial, and HVAC applications.

  Ultrasonic sensors cover 4 in. to 18 ft
UL listed for use in Class I to III, Division I, hazardous locations, the RPS-409A-IS intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensors can detect presence, proximity, level, volume, and distance in ranges from 4 in. to 18 ft, depending on model.

  Triaxial accelerometer optimizes power use
Optimized for cost as well as power usage, the analog-output LIS302ALK ultracompact "low-g" linear accelerometer provides individual acceleration values for x, y, and z axes and incorporates a power-down mode to 1 uA.

  4-axis motor controller offers USB interface
he controller features encoder support for each axis, auxiliary analog and digital I/Os, and an embedded interpreter for the company's CyberVec system control language.

  Servo controller/driver suits direct-driver motors
The controller/driver is DIN-rail mountable and features an RS-232/485 serial interface and enough memory for several thousand lines of programming.

  Zero-backlash gearhead offers high precision
Offered in ratios of 120:1, 279:1, 650:1, and 1,518:1, the gearhead provides continuous torque of 15 mNm.

  PAC provides PLC, industrial PC features
The PAC's I/O includes a local VGA port for HMI display, two Ethernet ports, and two USB ports.

  Industrial/Automation Electronics Roundup
A sampling of recently released products

  Electronics West showcases latest medical, industrial products
Electronics West offers a cornucopia of components for EEs, with much of the focus on medical, automation/robotics, industrial, and packaging applications. Here is just a sample of the products exhibited.

  Industrial/Automation Electronics Forum
As much as any market area, the Industrial/Automation industry is making great demands on the electronic components and devices that support it.

  Embedded Systems Conference
Here are a few products that you may not want to miss.

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- Wire & Cable

  Test Equipment
- Multimeters
- Oscilloscopes
- Analyzers

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