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  Calibrating vehicle sensors
Analog signal conditioning and compensation must be more resilient than ever, while producing greater levels of accuracy and precision and at the same time being economical to produce without compromising such precision.

  High-precision resistor offers high stability
The Z201 ultra-high-precision Z-Foil resistor combines a TCR of ±0.05 ppm/°C in temperatures from 0° to 60° tolerances of ±0.005 percent, load-life stability of ±0.005 percent, and a PCR of ±5 ppm at rated power.

  Control potentiometer is RoHS compliant
RoHS-compatible, the N-6RE miniature control potentiometer is available in values from 1 kohms to 1 Mohms.

  Thin-film resistor networks suit telecom apps
The HD Series high-density thin-film resistor networks are designed for terminating LVD SCSI bus signals in applications such as network switches, SAN, LAN, servers, and routers.

  Linear potentiometer has ball rod ends
With a 0.5-in. diameter and 2.5-in. length, a linear potentiometer features ball rod ends.

  Resistor network suits SCSI bused apps
RoHS-compliant, the BB1020DTLF LVD resistor network terminates SPI-2 (Ultra2) and SPI-3 (Ultra3) bused applications.

  Precision pots suit 1-lb side load
The 7288, 7388, 7488, and 8148 precision potentiometers are suited for up to 1 lb of side load.

  Resistor network suits op-amp circuits
Offered in an 8-terminal DFN package, the RNI isolated resistor network features four stable thin-film resistors providing values from 22 ohms to 20 kohms.

  Off-the-shelf current-sense transformers
Choosing the right device begins with evaluating size, frequency, function, and current range.

  Capacitors: the next generation
Tantalum and niobium-oxide caps compete for the lead in portable, miniature, precision apps.

  Selecting and designing with aluminum capacitors
EEs should understand the detailed characteristics of these commonly used components.

  Competitive Differentiation
There are many adjustable resistor technologies suitable for analog adjustment and calibration. Choosing the right technology involves a two dimensional trade-off between discrete versus continuous resistance values and automated versus manual adjustment. Rejustors provide a combination of precise, continuous adjustment and low-cost automated manufacturing equipment.

  Microbridge Low-TCR Rejustors
Microbridge manufactures Low-TCR Rejustors as standard products. These devices offer resistance adjustment with stable TCR across the adjustable range. Available in QFN or SOIC packages for PCB mounting, these devices are used to adjust sensors, amplifiers, regulators, optical components and in a variety of other applications.

  Manufacturing Advantages
Microbridge calibration process is based on off-the-shelf hardware and software. Adjustment tools based on National Instruments hardware can provide sufficient speed and functionality to calibrate millions of units per year with low overhead and maintenance costs thereby improving manufacturing efficiency while reducing capital expenses. The ability to adjust the resistance after final assembly further differentiates the Rejustor from competing technologies.

  Market Opportunities
Microbridge is providing products and proven technology to advance better and newer OEM products. Microbridge is providing solutions to companies delivering products in billion dollar markets to enhance calibration, allow for passive adjustment / multiple resistor rather than serial resistor compensation, temperature compensation, higher yields, refined power consumption, performance, cost and other key attributes important to enhance competitive advantage.

  Application Notes
Rejustor technology is easy-to-use and versatile. Several applications examples have been developed to outline the opportunities and flexibility of the Rejustor in high-precision applications. Low TCR Rejustors can be deployed anywhere an adjustable resistor is required. Rejustors can either be configured as dual independent resistors – such as for gain and offset adjustment, or as dividers to set a voltage ratio – for voltage regulators, for example.

Still not sure what a Rejustor is or how it can work for you. Perhaps you can check-out our Frequently Asked Questions section, which is updated continuously. Feel free to pose a question if the information you're looking for isn't available.

About Microbridge
Microbridge is the leading manufacturer and licensor of next step electronic calibration products and solutions in the consumer, automotive, medical and other industries that need to improve manufacturing yields and productivity, and enter new markets.

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