High-resolution ADCs -- an overview
Designers engaged in industrial and data-acquisition projects are likely to confront some of these analog-to-digital conversion issues: 1)Digitizing an input signal that extends over a very wide dynamic range, such as delivered by an environmental sound pressure meter able to detect signals over a 60 to 80-dB signal range; 2)Accommodating signals from different sources that exhibit quite different signal ranges; 3)Resolving small changes around a certain value, so that the objective would be to expand the range around that point.

16-bit 80-MSPS ADC offers lowest power, reduced noise
The 16-bit no-missing-codes 80-Msample/s A/D converter (ADC) dissipates 89 mW, which is claimed to be less than half the power of competing 16-bit solutions.

16-bit SAR ADC achieves 94-dB SNR
The 16-bit LTC2393-16 SAR A/D converter achieves 94-dB SNR at sample rates up to 1 Msamples/s with no cycle latency.

ADC driver settles to 16 bits in 350 ns
Suitable for driving the latest highest-performance SAR ADCs, the LTC6350 rail-to-rail input and output ADC driver settles to 16 bits in just 350 ns.

16-bit ADCs integrate precision reference
The 16-bit LTC2470 and LTC2472 delta sigma A/D converters integrate a 1.25-V reference that offers 2-ppm/ C drift performance and 0.1 percent initial accuracy for precise measurement in space-constrained applications.

ADC provides true 16-bit performance
Suited for industrial power-grid monitoring and protection applications, the MAX11046 simultaneous-sampling SAR ADC provides "true" 16-bit (no missing code) performance that exceeds the industry standards of the IEC 62053 Class 0.2 and EN 50160.

Stereo ADC offers low pin-count
Housed in a SOIC-8 package, the WM8783 stereo A/D converter is designed to offer high-quality line input audio performance in recordable-media applications, including LCD TVs, set-top boxes, and DVD recorders.

Sigma-delta ADCs achieve low noise
Suited for portable instrumentation, industrial process controls, medical monitoring devices, and other applications that require reliable, highly accurate signal conversion, the AD7170 and AD7171 A/D converters have a 125-Hz output data rate and achieve 12- and 16-bit noise-free resolution, respectively.

Dual-ch low-power ADC spans 20 to 80 MSPS
The dual-channel 16-bit, 20/40/65/80 Msamples/s AD9269 A/D converter consumes 93 mW per channel, said to be 6.5 times lower than competing devices.

Low-power 16-bit ADC clocks at 125 MSPS
Suitable for communication applications, the single-channel 16-bit AD9265 A/D converter consumes 370 mW. The ADC core features a multistage differential pipelined architecture with integrated output error correction logic.

The right MCU architecture for your embedded design
So many different microcontroller architectures are on the market today that an embedded engineer faces a daunting task when trying to find the right one to satisfy the needs of a design.

Product Roundup: Audio/video multimedia ICs
Most electronic products today have some form of audio or video capability. These features are made possible due to the sophisticated audio, video, or multimedia ICs that are available today. Here is a sampling of parts that were introduced to the market during the past 6 or so months.

Northern Power Systems' Wind Turbines Generate Clean Energy with Help from Analog Devices' SHARC Processors
Analog Devices, Inc. announced that Northern Power Systems has selected ADI SHARC digital signal processors for use within the company's flagship Northwind 100 community-scale wind turbines. Northern Power Systems' Northwind 100 uses an advanced "digital drivetrain" to deliver 100 kilowatts of rated power for community wind applications such as schools/universities, businesses, farms, and municipalities.

A-D Converter Products From ADI
As the world's #1 supplier of data converters, Analog Devices enables new system architectures with a full portfolio of a/d converters ranging from 6-bit, 8-bit, and 10-bit ADCs all the way up to 24-bits, delivering breakthrough combinations of performance and function. Explore our products.

New 16-bit, low-power, high-speed ADCs
Analog Devices expands low-power data converter portfolio with 26 high-speed ADCs.

Data Conversion Handbook
Written for design engineers who routinely use data converters and related circuitry.

Data Converter Tutorials
Data Converter Tutorials from ADI offer dozens of tips, techniques and titles to optimize your designs.

ADIsimADC™ simulation tool is an analog-to-digital behavioral model that accurately simulates the typical performance characteristics of many of our high speed converters so you can see how an ADC will perform in real world conditions.

Circuits From The Lab
Circuits From The Lab design support from ADI provides tested and verified solutions and detailed design documentation to common application needs that can easily be leveraged in your designs. Watch our video and search for circuit notes.

PLC Demo System
Design tools from ADI include the PLC demo system which demonstrates the complete PLC signal chain, using ADI converters, isolation technology, processors and power management products.

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