Digital power controllers
New generations of digital power controllers can help engineers meet complex design challenges...

  Digital controllers use dynamic phase control to support server, gaming apps
Two digital multi-phase buck controllers target VR11.1-compliant server, gaming/enthusiast and desktop applications.

  LED controller outputs voltage up to 100 V
Designed to drive high-current LEDs, the 100-V LT3756/LTC3756-1 high-side current-sense dc/dc converters use an external n-channel MOSFET and can drive up to 20 1-A white LEDs from a nominal 12-V input, delivering in excess of 70 W.

  Buck controller brings digital support to desktop
The CHL8100 is the first in a family of digital/mixed-signal, multiphase buck converter controller. It offers integrated digital control techniques that support core voltage and load requirements, and enables flexibility for Intel VR11.x processors.

  Module helps increase SMPS efficiency
The Power-SPM FPP06R001 synchronous rectification module increases power efficiency and space efficiency in secondary-side rectification for switch-mode power supply designs.

  Touch controller adds reliability
The AT42QT1060 touch control chip integrates 6-channels of touch sensing with the ability to drive up to 7 low current LEDs directly through a PWM output function. The device operates from 5.5 Vdc down to 1.8 Vdc and consumes less than 1 µA in standby mode.

  Battery simulator makes lower-power portables possible
Providing fast test times to keep test costs to a minimum for mobile devices, the Model 2308 portable device battery/charger simulator employs a measurement engine that enables more accurate characterization of both full-power operation and low-current sleep modes to maximize battery-life performance.

  Optocouplers isolate logic control circuitry
The FOD0721, FOD0720, and FOD0710 logic gate optocouplers isolate logic control circuitry from the transceiver at the bus interface level to ensure low transmission error rates in noisy industrial environments.

  Controlling light digitally
Recent research and developments in the board-mounted power supply industry which is normally not too involved in lighting -- have proven that digital power and power management could significantly improve the performance and power consumption of modern power supplies.

  Gain a Highly Efficient and Flexible Point-of-Load Power Conversion Solution with Fairchild's Digital Power Controllers
These digital power controllers combine digital loop control with highly integrated power management capabilities to offer flexible, easy-to-design power delivery solutions.

  Increase Efficiency in DC-DC Converters with Fairchild's Power33 and Power56 MOSFETs
These power MOSFETs in 3.3 x 3.3mm and 5 x 6mm MLP packaging increase efficiency and output power in Point of Load and DC-DC converters.

  Reach Over 92 Percent Peak Efficiency with Fairchild's DrMOS Module
The FDMF6704 is the industry's first high-performance and space-efficient 6mm x 6mm DrMOS solution for synchronous DC-DC buck regulators found in game console and Point-of-Load (POL) applications.

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  Power Solutions Brochure
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