Front-end technology takes on data center power
Today's front-end power supplies are using innovative designs and enhanced thermal management techniques to bring power density and efficiency levels to new highs and form factors to new lows. As a result, data centers are experiencing significant cost benefits by saving on rack space, reducing heat dissipation and lowering their overall energy consumption.

  Rectifier has 90 percent efficiency at light loads
The 2500-W CAR2512 front-end rectifier is used for low-profile 12-V distributed-power-architecture applications, including enterprise and service-provider switches and routers, mid-to-high-end servers, and storage equipment.

  400-W supply needs no extra airflow
The CEF400-112C is a 400-W, single output ac/dc switching power supply series suited for distributed-power architecture designs requiring reliable 12-V bulk power.

  Redundant converter has 500-W plug-in
The BAP 419 redundant dc/dc converter system offers up to five, 500-W dc/dc plug-in modules in a pre-wired 4U 19 x 15-in. shelf. It targets power utilities, industrial plants, air-traffic control systems, telecom and other critical applications.

  250-W supplies deliver 600-W peak power
The PPR250 series of power supplies deliver 250 W of power with 600 W of peak power, in a 5 x 3.2 x 1.5-in. package.

  Supply delivers 5 kW in rugged environments
The HBC 5KC Series ac/dc power supplies deliver 5-kW output power from a 291 x 57 x 457-mm vented enclosure. Suiting heavy-duty industrial environments, it has a ruggedized frame and conformal coating to ensure resistance against shock, vibration, and moisture.

  Efficient front-end power
As end applications demand more and more processing power, increased bandwidth, and more storage capacity, datacenters are under fire to manage and support these needs while balancing energy conservation and operating costs.

  Cherokee's CAR2512 1U Front End/Rectifier with Ultra-High Efficiency at Light Load
Cherokee International (NASDAQ: CHRK), a leading manufacturer of power supplies, today announced its 2500 watt CAR2512 front end intended for low profile, 12-volt (V) distributed power architecture applications, such as high-performance enterprise and service-provider switches and routers, mid- to high-end servers, and storage equipment. Packaged in a small, 1U-high footprint and measuring 1.65 by 4 by 14.88 inches, the CAR2512 hits an ultra-high power density of 25 watts (W) per cubic inch.

  Front Ends & Sub-Racks
Cherokee's Next Generation CAR Series of Power Supplies are optimized for high efficiencies under light load conditions substantially reducing energy consumption. For example, an Enterprise Server Installation could save in excess of $5 Million over the lifetime of its servers.

  CAR2548FP Series
The CAR2500 is the only 1U, 2500W power supply on the market with twice the power of 1U competitive units.

  ACE254 Series
The ACE254 fits in standard 19-inch telecom cabinets. The ACE254 rack comes in a 4-bay redundant, hot swap configuration offering scalability up to 10,000W.

  Custom Solutions
As the world leader in the design and manufacturing of custom power supplies, Cherokee International can deliver your unique power solution to market faster, without compromising product quality or reliability.

  High Density Bricks
Cherokee offers a full line of best in class DC/DC converter products.

  The Company
Cherokee maintains world-class design and manufacturing locations in key locations throughout the world to deliver award winning technologies and customer support.

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