High-performance, energy-efficient IGBTs
Gasoline prices show no signs of ending their upward climb, and so shipping costs and all other energy generation costs continue to rise alongside petroleum. At the same time, electricity demand has never been higher. Equally bad, petrochemical prices have inevitably risen, leading to increased component costs for electronics manufacturers. In the face of these high costs and more stringent regulations, engineers are under more pressure than ever before to improve product performance, increase circuit efficiency, reduce product size, and improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

  Standard-package IGBTs feature low chip temp
The NX series IGBT modules offer a new package design that provides multiple configuration options, improved manufacturability, reduced development time, and lower cost from previous models. The modules feature high-thermal-conductivity aluminum nitride ceramic to provide heat transfer from the power chips to the heat sink. The result is lower chip temperature (Tj) and more than tenfold improvement in thermal cycle life from earlier versions.

  Trench IGBTs reduce power dissipation 30 percent
A family of 600-V insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) reduces power dissipation by 30 percent in UPS, and up to 3 kW in solar inverter applications.

  High-side gate driver improves reliability, saves 50 percent space
High-voltage IC drives high-speed MOSFETs and IGBTs for lighting and heating applications.

  Gate drive optocoupler achieves 5.0-A output
The ACNW3190 is offered as the industry's first gate-drive optocoupler to achieve a peak output current of 5.0 A.

  Ignition IGBT starts automotive apps
The FGB3040CS is a standard current sense ignition IGBT that lowers power dissipation by 30 percent and reduces heat in automotive applications by eliminating the need for a high current sense resistor.

  Gate driver targets appliance motor control
The IRS26302D is a protected 600-V three-phase gate driver IC with ground fault protection.

  Power electronics for solar power inverter systems
Use of photovoltaic systems to generate electricity in homes and businesses is becoming increasingly popular, as the cost of conventional electric energy increases while the cost-effectiveness of solar power systems improves.

  Efficient motor/controls save terawatt-hours/year
Designers of appliances and control systems are simultaneously challenged with numerous inflexible targets. On top of that, they need to meet these demands in an environmentally friendly manner consistent with multiple energy policies.

  Increase Efficiency in Induction Heating Applications with Fairchild's Field Stop IGBT
This series of 1200V Field Stop Trench IGBTs, the FGA20N120FTD and FGA15N120FTD, provide system designers of induction heating applications with a highly efficient solution. Using both Field Stop structure and avalanche-rugged Trench gate technology, these IGBTs offer optimal tradeoffs between conduction losses and switching losses, which maximize efficiency.

  Increase Power Supply Efficiency and Reliability While Reducing Space in CCM PFC Designs with StealthTM II Rectifiers
Fairchild's STEALTH II rectifiers feature fast reverse recovery and soft recovery characteristics that enable reduced MOSFET switching losses and EMI in continuous-current-mode (CCM) power factor correction (PFC) designs. The STEALTH II rectifiers feature a low stored charge and soft recovery that minimize ringing and electrical noise in the power switching circuit, which, in turn, reduces overall EMI.

  Reduce Space and Increase System Reliability with Fairchild's High Voltage Gate Driver
The FAN7371 is a high voltage gate driver IC (HVIC) with 4A current driving capability ensuring exceptional system reliability and space benefits in consumer and industrial applications. Featuring the industry’s widest high-side driver operation with negative VS swings of up to -9.8V (at VBS = 15V), robust positive and negative VB and an innovative common-mode dv/dt noise canceling circuit, the FAN7371 provides excellent noise immunity and increases system reliability. This HVIC saves at least 50 percent PCB area compared to pulse transformer-based solutions.

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