RoHS: To comply or not to comply
It was on July 1, 2006, that the world of electronics manufacturing was probably changed forever, and many would say for the better, with the implementation of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). Of course, the RoHS reach has been huge, broadly impacting the electronic products industry. But as the European Union (EU) marks two years of the directive this summer, some confusion remains as to when the RoHS requirements apply and when they do not.

  Filtered inlets/outlets suit indoor apps
Designed for computer, medical, general-purpose, and custom indoor equipment applications, a line of IEC 60320 filtered inlets and outlets are rated from 6 to 20 A at either 120 or 250 Vac. The inlets/outlets have a RoHS-compliant construction.

  Power slide switches meet RoHS directive
The XN series power slide switches offer a variety of functions, including single- and double-pole in two to four positions.

  Backlight LEDs are bright, thin
Designed for coupling into light guides designed for backlighting displays in space-sensitive applications, the RGB MicroSIDELED has an ultraslim (0.6-mm) design and delivers high brightness.

  Conductor pastes are RoHS compliant
Lead- and cadmium-free, a line of silver-based conductor pastes is RoHS compliant.

  Dc/dc converters offer 15-kV isolation
The TKF series high-isolation dc/dc converters provide input/output continuous isolation of 15,000 Vdc.

  Charging cradles meet RoHS, Energy Star
The GTM91094 series desktop charging cradles meet international Class II, double-enforced insulation mechanical configurations, have a regulated output voltage from 5 to 48 Vdc in 0.1-V increments, and provide up to 6 W of continuous output power.

  PTC thermistors guard telecom equipment
The CMF-SDP series ceramic PTC thermistors provide overcurrent protection for telecom applications such as customer premise equipment, central-office equipment, and access equipment.

  Triple LED indicators simplify production of RoHS SMT boards
The 593 series Tri-Level Prism round-lens indicators employ LED technology specifically designed for surface mounting and compatibility with both automatic placement equipment and RoHS reflow soldering processes.

  European ecodesign rules and related legislation
Of all the recently adopted European Union legislation, the Ecodesign of Energy Using Products (EuP) Directive (2005/32/EC) is likely to have the most significant impact on design engineers, as well as the entire electronics industry. Unlike the RoHS and WEEE directives, which focus on certain categories of electronic and electrical equipment, EuP is deliberately broad in scope and, other than transport, applies to virtually any product that consumes, generates or controls energy. EuP covers finished products as well as components and subassemblies.

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