Energy-efficient resonant power controllers
Designing power supplies for products such as telecommunications devices, laptops, game consoles, and LCD and plasma TVs presents increasing challenges for engineers. Size matters, of course: the ever-decreasing real estate in portable electronics and the quest for ultra-thin TVs present the most obvious design hurdles.

  PD controller supporting two-event physical layer is industry's first
The AS1135 powered-device (PD) controller is the industry's first such device to implement the two-event physical-layer classification of the upcoming IEEE 802.3at standard. This standard raises the maximum available PD input power to 30 W from the 13 W specified in the existing 802.3af standard.

  Power conditioners offer digital ac meter
The Elite-16 PF E i and Elite-10 E i power management products target the 220 to 240-V markets. The Elite-10 E i power conditioner features a digital ac voltage meter and uses the company's linear filtering technology for suppressing noise across the entire dynamic range. It also features series multistage protection to clamp and dissipate damaging transient voltages, and offers extreme voltage shutdown circuitry to protect against prolonged overvoltages.

  Digital power controller speeds design of intelligent supplies
A digital power controller for ac/dc and isolated dc/dc power supplies in high-reliability server, storage, and communications infrastructure equipment, the ADP1043 digital PWM power control and management IC can configure system power-supply parameters in a matter of minutes using a GUI.

  GUI simplifies digital power supply designs
The PowerCode (PC) 2.1 software tool simplifies the design process for the company's Di-POL family of digital controllers. PC 2.1 features an intuitive graphical interface that allows power solutions to be easily designed, modified, and monitored.

  PFC controller maximizes energy in multi-kW systems
The UCC28070 single-chip interleaved PFC control circuit targets multi-kilowatt communications, server, and industrial systems. The two-phase, average current-mode controller helps simplify power design, increase system reliability, and achieve a greater than 0.9 power factor rating.

  Today's civilian, military power conditioning
The increasing complexity of global applications for electronic products in every conceivable commercial environment and power paradigm causes problems similar to those created by the current effort of the military to use up-to-date modern electronics. As a result, there is increasing emphasis on conditioning the input power so that it meets the published requirements of the commercial equipment under the widest possible conditions.

  Design interleaving PFC boost power stages
Interleaving isolated and nonisolated power stages is a well understood design technique within the power supply design industry. By far the most widely applied interleaved topology is the multiphase buck, commonly chosen as the power architecture used to meet fast load transient demands of today's high-performance microprocessors and digital signal processors.

  Increase Efficiency up to 97 Percent and Simplify Design in Half-Bridge Resonant Converters with Fairchild's Green FPS™ Power Switch
The FSFR2100 increases power efficiency and system reliability, and reduces valuable design time in resonant converter designs such as telecom power, high end audio amplifiers, large size laser printers and LCD and PDP TV power supplies. Offering a "system-in-a-package" approach that integrates everything necessary to build reliable and efficient resonant converters, this power switch integrates a pulse-frequency-modulation (PFM) controller with a high voltage gate driver circuit and two fast recovery MOSFETs (FRFET® ) along with soft-start, burst operation and important protection features into a thermally-efficient 9-SIP package.

  Increase efficiency in switch mode power supply designs with the Power-SPM™ module
The Power-SPM FPP06R001 is a highly integrated synchronous rectification module that increases power efficiency, system ruggedness and space efficiency in power supply designs. Incorporating two PowerTrench® MOSFETs and a high current gate driver in a compact transfer-molded package, the Power-SPM simplifies board design, eliminates up to 10 discrete components and reduces board space by 20 percent. It provides 10 percent lower on-resistance and 16 percent lower stray inductance compared to discrete solutions, which results in lower thermal dissipation and reduced voltage stress. Its high efficiency is instrumental in helping power supply designs meet next generation ENERGY STAR® requirements.

  Synchronize the PFC and PWM Stage in Your Power Supply Design with Fairchild™s Green Mode PFC/Flyback-PWM Controller
The SG6905 is a highly integrated PFC/flyback PWM controller especially designed for power supplies with boost PFC and flyback PWM. It requires very few external components to achieve versatile protections and its patented interleave-switching feature synchronizes the PFC and PWM stages and reduces switching noise.

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  2007/2008 Power Seminar Archived Webcast Series Topics include:

* Design Considerations for an LLC Resonant Converter
*Motion Control with Modules: A Practical Perspective
* Low Cost, Isolated Current Source for LED Strings
* Application Review and Comparative Evaluation of
Low-Side MOSFET Drivers
* Understanding Diode Reverse Recovery and Its Effect
on Switching Losses
* Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of Your SPICE Simulations

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