Improving data center Efficiency
If you're a systems manager -- whether it's for a MMORPG host, a telecommunications company, an Internet service provider, or a scientific research center -- you know that preserving the integrity of your ever-increasing data and maintaining server uptime and response speed are crucial.

  70-W supplies are CEC, Energy Star compliant
The TRG70 series external power supplies meet the efficiency global-energy requirements of Energy Star and the California Energy Commission.

  Dc/dc converters suit telecom, datacom
The EST Series dc/dc converters suit high-speed networking, telecommunications, and computing applications.

  Modular UPS systems feature zero downtime
The 8- and 16-kVA SmartOnline modular UPS systems feature a detachable PDU and maintenance bypass switch that provide zero downtime and continuous availability for connected server, storage, and networking equipment.

  UPS offers power quality for net servers
The Pulsar uninterruptible power supply family is a double-conversion on-line system that offers power quality and protection for network, telephony, medical, and industrial applications.

  UPS suits high-density installations
The RimatriX Modular UPS, a back-up power solution designed for high-density computing installations, is suited for environments and systems where moves, adds and changes are required.

  High-efficiency telco rectifier cuts power losses in half
An ac/dc power rectifier for telecommunications applications, the Flatpack2 HE module 48/2000 offers 96 percent typical power conversion efficiency, the highest in the industry.

  Cool-running 3-phase UPS offers redundancy, expansion
The UPS RP36000/3 parallel three-phase UPS provides 36 kW of power or 24 kW with n 1 redundancy. Housed in a single 42U rack, it can be expanded to 60 kW with n 1 by installing up to three additional RP12000/3 UPS modules.

  Technology center trumpets painless growth for power hungry data centers
With its employees and representatives from the EPA, DoE, and The Green Grid looking on, APC-MGE (West Kingston, RI), a provider of power and cooling services, recently announced the opening of its new Schneider Electric Technology Center in suburban St. Louis, MO.

  Reducing power usage in external power supply modules
Energy saving design is pervading the power electronics industry, and with good reason. The proliferation of electronic devices contributes to an ever increasing stress on our nation's power grid and there is the obvious need to conserve our energy supply.

  New approaches to efficient computing
As the need for compute power grows, so too do the heat and cooling expenses that powerful computer systems generate. In recent months, several key industry players such as Google have publicly recognized the impact of rising energy costs on their bottom line.

  High Density CAR2500 >27Win3 Front End Power Supply
The CAR2500 is the only 1U, 2500W power supply on the market with twice the power of 1U competitive units. With an unprecedented power density of 27W per cubic inch and an efficiency of 92 percent, the new CAR2500 series is an unparalleled distributed-power-architecture solution.

  High Density AC254 - 10kW in 1U Rack Mount Chassis
The ACE254 fits in standard 19-inch telecom cabinets. The ACE254 rack comes in a 4-bay redundant, hot swap configuration offering scalability up to 10,000W. The universal rack supports the CAR2500 family of 48V and -54V output versions.

  High Density C-BUS - 500 Watt Quarter Brick
The industry leading 4:1 quarter-brick bus converter module is capable of delivering up to 500 Watts of total output power without a heatsink.

  Building Block Technology
Cherokee International leverages its leading edge building blocks from its technology roadmap into modified standard and custom products developed for unique applications.

  Research & Development and Technical Support
Our talented engineering and development staff provide capable and responsive engineering support.

  Global Operations
Cherokee maintains world-class design and manufacturing locations in key locations throughout the world ensuring our customers will receive the engineering, application, sales, and logistics support needed to bring product to market more quickly and economically.

  Quality / Reliability
Cherokee is committed to provide "Customer Satisfaction" by designing and delivering reliable, defect-free, competitive products and services, on time and continually improve upon this commitment. We utilize a Global Total Quality Management System.

  Custom Solutions
Cherokee International utilizes its standard range of high density front power products as the building blocks of complete solutions to satisfy the most demanding custom power requirements. For this reason, Cherokee International has long been recognized as the world leader in custom power solutions.

  Award Winning Support/Customer Testimonials
Cherokee has demonstrated exceptional customer service and support acknowledged by testimonials and an award for customer support.

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