Integrated power switches
If you're designing electronics, it stands to reason that one of your major concerns is power. Side effects of bad power management such as electromagnetic interference, excess heat and inaccurate voltage control can lead to poor device performance or outright failure.

  Green power switch increases efficiency 97 percent
The FSFR2100 Green FPS power switch integrates a PFM controller with a high-voltage gate driver circuit and two fast-recovery MOSFETs along with soft-start, burst operation, and protection features, into a 9-SIP package. It features a zero-voltage switching technique that can handle up to 200 W without a heat sink and up to 450 W with a heat sink.

  8-A dc/dc converter offers high power in tiny package
The LTM4608 is an 8-A dc/dc regulator system available in a small, lightweight module that can be mounted on the backside of a system’s printed-circuit board, freeing space on the top for other, larger ICs. The device has an on-board dc/dc controller, power switches, inductor compensation, and I/O bypass capacitors.

  High-side gate driver improves reliability, saves 50 percent space
The FAN7371 high-voltage gate driver IC (HVIC) has 4-A current-driving capability used for consumer and industrial applications. The high-voltage IC saves at least 50 percent of the board area used by optocoupler-based or pulse transformer-based solutions, and it eliminates a buffer transistor used in other low-current HVICs on the market.

  USB/ac charger IC needs no MOSFETs
Suited for portable devices powered by rechargeable single-cell Li-ion batteries, the MAX8677A dual input USB/ac-adapter linear charger with smart power selector integrates all the power switches required for charging and switching the load between the battery and external power--eliminating the need for external MOSFETs.

  Power switches target automotive apps
Suited for automotive applications, the IPS6011/21/31/41R/41G intelligent power switches integrate power MOSFETs with a host of standard protection features for overcurrent, overtemperature, ESD, and active clamp.

  Low-cost digital power control
Digital power control normally is associated with a specialized complex power controller using a software language different from that used by the system microprocessor.

  Taking advantage of digital power conversion solutions
Many articles have been written and papers presented that argue for and against the value of a digital PWM controller in a power supply. The most common questions from power supply design engineers are simply, "Why should I consider using a digital PWM controller for loop control? What are the benefits and tradeoffs?"

  Trends in MOSFET gate drivers
The long-term trend toward higher density and higher efficiency in switching power supplies is creating strong demand for integrated-circuit MOSFET drivers. In fact, VDC Venture Development Corporation reports that worldwide sales of MOSFET drivers for power supply applications (excluding motor drivers and audio drivers) was US$ 670 million in 2005, and it projects that figure to grow at 14.1 percent per year--faster than the total power management IC market.

  Simplify Design and Increase Efficiency up to 97 Percent in Half-Bridge Resonant Converters up to 450W with Fairchild's Integrated Power Switch
The FSFR2100, a highly integrated power switch, increases power efficiency and system reliability, and conserves valuable design time in resonant converter designs such as high end audio amplifiers, telecom power applications, large size laser printers and LCD and PDP TV power supplies.

  Increase Efficiency and Reduce EMI in Your Power Supply Design with Fairchild's New Power Switches
The FSQ0765R and FSQ0565R feature Fairchild's proprietary valley switching, hybrid control and inherent frequency modulation, resulting in reduced switching losses by up to 500mW and EMI by up to 5dB over hard-switch converter topologies. These switches are instrumental in meeting energy regulations specified by the California Energy Commission (CEC), EU Code of Conduct Group for Energy Efficient Appliances (GEEA) and the 1 Watt Initiative.

  Gain Flexibility in Your Power Supply Design with Fairchild's High-Speed Low-Side Gate Drivers
The FAN3xxx series of high-speed low-side gate drivers offer maximum flexibility for power supply designs, providing a wide selection of features and packaging combinations to create compact, highly efficient and reliable power supplies.

  AN- 4146
Design Guidelines for Quasi-Resonant Converters using FSCQ-Series of Fairchild Power Switches.

Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications

  AN-4150 Design Guidelines for Flyback Converters using the FSCQ-Series of Fairchild Power Switches (FPS™)

  Learn about the Green FPS™ e-Series™ portfolio

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