Design considerations for driving headphones
The mobile phone got the ball rolling and Apple's iPod gave it unstoppable momentum: portable electronic devices are in huge demand...

But for all the diversity in function and fashion, one thing is standard across the board. Because they are portable, and therefore used in public, portable electronics that make sound need headphones.

  Codec brings hi-fi sound to wireless headsets
The WM8987 codec with fully differential-capable headphone driver is specifically designed to address Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) applications and equivalent proprietary alternatives when implementing hi-fi stereo in a wireless headset.

  Power audio codec has on-chip FM transmitter
The MW350 power audio codec IC integrates an FM transmitter and a headphone amplifier. The part consumes 7 mW in typical operation and less than 1 uA in shutdown.

  Audio codec IP targets SoC devices
A portfolio of audio codec IP for mobile applications combines audio features, audio performance (up to 100-dB dynamic range), and risk-free integration for SoC devices and multichip modules targeting mobile audio, communications, and multimedia systems.

  Audio power amplifier offers three outputs
The TS4956 compact three-output bus-controlled audio power amplifier is a compact stereo headphone and loudspeaker driver chip, with a flexible I2C bus control interface, which is intended for mobile phones, PDAs and laptop computers.

  Output driver ICs offer fixed 6-dB gain
Intended for use in pro audio applications, the 1646/1606 active-balanced floating-output driver ICs have a fixed 6-dB gain and drives 600-Ω outputs to 27.5 dBm.

  DAC with speaker driver extends battery life
The WM8956 audio D/A converter with integrated 1-W Class D stereo speaker driver and capless headphone output achieves 87 percent efficiency at full power. DAC and headphone playback power consumption is just 10 mW, while offering 98-dB SNR.

  Selecting an audio codec for portable apps
Today's devices integrate many features that affect audio quality, system cost, power requirements, and design complexity

  Some new trends in battery-powered portable devices
The options designers have to ensure that battery life is optimized for their particular configuration

  Coping with ultraportable power requirements
Evolutionary changes in PMIC design help designers meet these requirements

  Product Roundup
Audio/Video Multimedia ICs

  New 110dB Single-Ended Audio ADC
The AK5386 is a stereo A/D Converter with wide sampling rate of 8kHz ~ 216kHz and is suitable for consumer to professional audio systems.

  Complete AES/EBU Transceiver and Clocking Solution
The AK4115 is a 24-bit stereo digital audio transceiver that supports sampling rates up to 216kHz.

  Industry's Highest Performance 3V Audio CODEC
The AK4556 is a low voltage 24bit 192kHz CODEC for high performance battery powered digital audio subsystems.

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