Selecting power-based products
For obvious reasons, selecting power-based products such as power strips, sockets, and power-entry modules for use in medical applications is serious business. New technologies and ever-changing requirements demand that medical equipment meet special requirements.

  Bus-bar connector is rated to 300 A
The Crown Clip II bus-bar connector is rated to 300 A when connected to a bus bar, provides true hot-pluggability, and features a float-mount design to ease the bus-bar insertion forces.

  Filtered inlets/outlets suit indoor apps
Designed for computer, medical, general-purpose, and custom indoor equipment applications, a line of IEC 60320 filtered inlets and outlets are rated from 6 to 20 A at either 120 or 250 Vac.

  M16 connectors handle up to 15 A
Part of the powerfast line, three- and four-pin M16 connectors provide up to 15 A. The connectors are housed in a small molded body and suit conveyor, small-motor, and material-handling applications.

  SMT strip socket offers up to 4.5-A/position
A double-row SMT strip socket is compatible with 0.025 to 0.037-in.-diameter and 0.025-in. square pins.

  Wall supplies drive medical devices
Offered in 10-, 15-, 18-, 30-, and 40-W versions, a family of wall-mount UL60601 medical ac/dc power supplies is available in versions providing a single output from 3.3 to 24 Vdc.

  Appliance inlet suits PCB mounting
Designed for PCB mounting, the Series 1601 high-current appliance inlet suits applications with higher power requirements such as household appliances, consumer goods, IT and telecom equipment, medical equipment, portable industrial appliances, and machines.

  LCDs target medical apps
Available in screen diameters of 5.7, 6.5, 8.4, and 10.4 in., a family of CSTN and AMLCDs is available with a variety of brightness, reflectivity, touchscreen, and controller options for medical diagnostic equipment applications.

  Splice connector simplifies assembly, maintenance
Sporting a unisex-style self-locking disconnect that mates to itself, the patent-pending Flat-Snap splice connector enables wires to be connected to each other without force (crimping) or performance degradation and withstands harsh environments where vibration and shock are a factor.

  Power filters protect medical, telecom gear
Featuring a non-degrading filter technology, the STF Series Active Tracking power filters continuously track the input ac power line at all locations on the sine wave and instantaneously counter noise.

  Medical Electronics Forum
Industry professionals discuss issues and trends in the healthy medical electronics marketplace.

  Medical Electronics Product Roundup
A gaggle of new and recently electronic devices designed for medical applications.

  Selecting a power-entry module
Engineers in charge of designing electronics and electrical appliances can save time (and money for their companies) by incorporating power-entry modules (PEMs).

  Product Application Focus: Medical Electronics
The size, precision, performance, and reliability requirements of medical applications continue to drive the electronics industry. Here are a few interesting devices and applications.

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