Powering an LED backlight in portable applications
Powering LEDs has quickly become an increasingly important application of power conversion techniques in modern portable gear. Along with the need for much higher efficiency and lower quiescent current come the somewhat more subtle requirements of LED matching, dimming, white color balance, and so on.

  LED driver operates from 6 to 60 V
The ZXLD1362 LED driver chip drives up to 16 high power LEDs, with up to 1 A of adjustable output current, at frequencies up to 1 MHz.

  MOSFET improves display power
Optimized for half- or full-bridge inverter designs in backlighting units for LCDs and lamp drives, the FDD8424H complementary 40-V MOSFET comes in a Dual DPAK configuration with a thermal resistance up to 5 times lower than 8-lead solutions and up to 10 times lower than dual-SOIC-packaged devices.

  White-LED array beats 50-W halogen lamp
Yielding an output of 75 lm/W from an operating current of 350 mA, the OSTAR lighting LED module is presented as delivering a maximum output of over 1,000 lumens, a brightness greater than that of a 50-W halogen lamp.

  LED design kit aids lighting development
Combining Anotherm technology, a thermally conductive aluminum alloy substrate, and infrared and high-brightness visible LEDs, a design kit enables lighting-design engineers to develop products for solid-state-lighting applications while dealing with heat dissipation issues in directly mounted LEDs and LED arrays.

  LED boost drivers handle up to 40 mA
Suited for pocket torches, keyring pendants, or headlights and LCD backlighting in single-cell devices like MP3 players, the PR4401/2 LED boost drivers handle LED currents up to 20 and 40 mA, respectively.

  Lighting control saves energy
Providing a more efficient and cost-effective lighting control system alternative for HID lamp lighting applications, the VB400 can reduce the lighting fixture count by 25 to 33 percent.

  Backlight driver comes with or without LEDs
Available in versions accepting an input from 5 to 48 Vdc, the SmartForce family of LED driver solutions for backlight applications is available as an LED driver board or a complete kit including driver board and LED rails.

  Lighting/Illumination Forum
The term Solid State Lighting refers to the use of non-incandescent or excited-gas light emitters such as LEDs or electroluminescent devices in general lighting applications as well as in displays and other application areas currently dominated by legacy illumination.

  Powering LED lighting systems
LED-based lighting systems are poised to evoke a transformation in the future of general lighting, and may even pave the way for radical changes in building electrical design.

  Selecting HBLED drivers for lighting apps
As high-brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) are becoming more efficient and their lumens/wWatt increases, they become more suitable for illumination applications such as automotive exterior lighting like daytime running lights, and low beams, and high beams, as well as general lighting applications.

  Series or parallel LEDs in white-LED backlighting
White LEDs used in backlighting provide illumination for the pixels in liquid crystal displays.

  Save Board Space in Computing Applications with Fairchild's DrMOS Family
Fairchild's DrMOS, FET plus Driver multi-chip modules, now include the FDMF8705 and the FDMF6700. These integrated 12V Driver plus MOSFET power stage solutions are optimized for high current synchronous buck DC-DC applications. The new FDMF6700 product, available in compact 6mm x 6mm MLP packaging, provides over 50 persent space savings compared to discrete solutions. Package parasitics and challenging layouts associated with conventional discrete solutions are greatly reduced. This solution is based on the Intel DrMOS specification.

  Achieve Superior Power Dissipation in Your Low Voltage Applications with MicroFET™ Products
MicroFET products offer performance and space advantages over conventional MOSFETs through their advanced PowerTrench® technologies in MLP packaging. Their 2 X 2 MLP package is 55 percent smaller and 20 percent lower in height than 3mm x 3mm x 1.1mm SSOT-6-packaged MOSFETs. These products provide excellent power dissipation and conduction loss characteristics and are ideal for battery charging, load switching, boost and DC/DC conversion and many other low-power, space-constrained power-management applications.

  Get 95 percent Efficiency with the Industry's Smallest, Fully Integrated 6A, 24V-Input Synchronous Buck Regulator
The FAN2106, a TinyBuckTM DC/DC buck regulator, integrates an advanced analog IC, MOSFETs and a boot diode into an ultra-compact molded leadless package (MLP). With a form factor of only 5mm X 6mm, the FAN2106 is the industry's smallest 6A, 24V-input synchronous buck regulator making it ideal for applications that need to conserve space such as set-top boxes, cable modems, in-cabin GPSs, notebooks, PCs and other portable applications.

  Optimize your Design with FETBench™
FETBench provides a live data sheet environment for over 300 of the most popular Fairchild MOSFET devices. FETBench uses electrical and thermal simulation to give fast accurate analysis not readily available from a normal data sheet. The FETBench tool now simulates optimal designs using Fairchild's "FET Plus Driver Module," the FDMF8700, to obtain the desired output and operating frequency and an algorithm to quickly and precisely determine the steady-state operating point. It also calculates the module's switching waveforms and the power dissipated from each die.

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