Understanding Clock Jitter
The effect of clock jitter on digital audio performance is a subject that is never short of diverse opinions. It is one of those "conventional wisdom" topics, where everyone knows it is inherently bad, but the devil is in the details. Understanding how different digital-to-audio converter architectures deal with jitter can go a long way toward determining the best return on jitter-reduction techniques.

  Digital audio receiver cuts jitter
The DIR9001 24-bit 96-kHz digital audio interface receiver is said to provide the industry’s best jitter performance of as low as 50 ps rms.

  Audio DACs suit DVD players, recorders
Suited for DVD players and recorders the WM8522/01 audio D/A converters integrate 1.7-Vrms line drivers and offer the high voltage output necessary, from a 5-V supply--eliminating the need for an additional power supply and filter stage.

  D/A converter enables high-quality audio
The CS4350 D/A audio converter features an on-chip PLL-based master clock that supports 24-bit resolution and up to 192-kHz sampling rates and 108-dB dynamic range.

  PLL clock IC offers 10-ps rms jitter
The NB4N507A PLL clock IC generates a clock signal ranging from 50 to 200 MHz via an inexpensive reference crystal.

  Audio IC targets battery-powered devices
Designed for battery-powered products, the THAT4315 Analog Engine audio IC includes the Blackmer voltage-controlled amplifier and a high accuracy wide-range rms level detector.

  DAC offers unique output drive features
deal for digital radios, music players and personal media players, the 24-bit AK4342 stereo D/A converter offers a ground-referenced capless headphone amplifier, a 2-Vrms line output amplifier, and an ac-coupled auxiliary line out.

  Stereo DAC offers high output drive
The WM8521 stereo audio D/A converter featues an output drive capability of 2 Vrms and integrates a digital interpolation filter, multibit sigma-delta with dither, switched capacitor multibit stereo D/A converter, and output smoothing filters.

  Selecting an audio codec for portable apps
Today's devices integrate many features that affect audio quality, system cost, power requirements, and design complexity

  Analog-quality audio with subranging PWM digital amps
Consumers no longer need to compromise audio fidelity to enjoy the digital lifestyle

  Jitter software enables precise evaluation
For use with the E5052A Signal Source Analyzer (SSA), SSA-J jitter-analysis software provides femtosecond resolution for data-independent clock-jitter evaluation in advanced digital communication systems and semiconductors.

  Audio/Video Multimedia ICs
This roundup contains brief descriptions of a variety of new and recent audio/video multimedia ICs.

  Understanding D/A converter architectures
Understanding the tradeoffs associated with common D/A architectures allows the most suitable D/A to be selected for an application.

  New 110dB Single-Ended Audio ADC
The AK5386 is a stereo A/D Converter with wide sampling rate of 8kHz ~ 216kHz and is suitable for consumer to professional audio systems.

  Complete AES/EBU Transceiver and Clocking Solution
The AK4115 is a 24-bit stereo digital audio transceiver that supports sampling rates up to 216kHz.

  Industry's Highest Performance 3V Audio CODEC
The AK4556 is a low voltage 24bit 192kHz CODEC for high performance battery powered digital audio subsystems.

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