Technical training for working engineers
Change is one of the few constants in technology, so professional electronics designers and engineers know that their education is far from over after they earn their degrees. But once you've got a demanding job, keeping pace with ever-improving techniques and technologies sometimes seems to be an insurmountable challenge. Engineers may feel a bit like the Red Queen in Through the Looking-Glass: you're running as fast as you can just to stay in one place.
Fortunately, there are many schools and companies ready to provide you (or your employees) with a wide range of technical training that can be taken online or in person at conference or training centers.

  Demo kit spotlights digital audio network
The CobraNet CO2 Demo Kit is a low-cost evaluation platform for the Cirrus Logic CS496112 CobraNet networked digital audio plus DSP device.

  Starter kit promotes BlackFin multimedia
The Blackfin Multimedia Starter Kit provides tools for design DSP systems in next-generation digital radio, mobile TV, automotive and home entertainment, and networked and streaming-media applications.

  ZigBee demo kit fuels design ideas
The wireless sensor network starter kit for 802.15.4 provides an opportunity to evaluate ZigBee network systems based on the JN5121 single chip system-on-chip wireless microcontroller.

  Debug tools support Freescale, MIPS Ps
The OCDemon family of debug tools comes with JTAG and flash programming support for several new Freescale PowerPC and MIPS Technologies 64-bit processors, including the Freescale MPC5200 rev. B and 83xx PowerQUICC II Pro family.

  Virtual platform design package adds device software development
Electronic system-level design package supports virtual hardware simulation

  Design suite is end-to-end tool chain
RealView Development Suite version 3.0 is an integrated end-to-end tool chain for true hardware/software codevelopment.

  PIC C demo kit eases mechatronics design
Package allows easy experimentation using PIC Cs in electromechanical designs

  DaVinci development kit aids video designs
The TMDSSDK6446-L DaVinci technology development kit includes the eXpressDSP configuration kit, TMS320DM644x SoC analyzer with Data Visualization, and MontaVista's Linux.

  Complete MCU development tool comes on USB stick
$20 system offers easy full-speed emulation of 16-bit MSP430 processors

  Free tool tackles mixed-signal ICs
Version 2.1 of the PSoC Express design tool for programmable system-on-chip mixed-signal arrays includes third-party development capabilities that allow software developers to write modules for specific functions.

  Low-cost tool aids MCU development
The Dragon development tool for 8-bit AVR microcontrollers provides a complete on-chip debugging and programming tool for more than 30 different flash MCUs.

  System suits 80x86 development, training
The 80x86 Microprocessor Development System is intended for both new product development and training.

  Microcontroller development tools get elegant
As an editor, I see "reduced development time" or "faster time to market" claims for microcontroller development tools over and over again. One would think that by now microcontroller-based designs must surely be nearly instantaneous.
Well, not quite, but the development environment has improved in the last few years, and anyone who is not using the latest versions should stop and take a look around.

  FPGA design software goes graphic
Avoiding text-based software can streamline the design process

  Developing microcontroller apps: Future of 8- and 32-bit MCUs
32-bit microcontrollers compete at more aggressive price points and total system cost

  LabVIEW makes toy setup a cinch
Software to control toy robots spurs improvements to LabVIEW itself

  Graphical design tools speed embedded systems development
Recent tool improvements provide more efficient code and seamlessly integrate peripheral sets

  Design considerations for high-security embedded apps
Security is increasingly important in embedded systems

  Microchip Class Offerings
  • Meet the Engineer - Open House
  • Getting Started with Mid-Range Microcontroller Family Architecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
  • Getting Started with Microchip Tools, MPLAB, IDE, Simulator and MPLAB ICD 2
  • Getting Started with PIC18 Achitecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
  • Getting Started with 16-bit Microcontroller Architecture, Instruction Set and Assembly Programming
  • Op Amp Fundamentals
  • Mid-Range Microcontroller Family Peripheral Configuration and Assembly Programming Techniques
  • Mid-Range Microcontroller Family Peripheral Configuration and HI-TECH(R) Programming Techniques
  • PIC18 Peripheral Configuration and Assembly Programming Techniques
  • PIC18 Peripheral Configuration and MPLAB(R) C18 C Compiler Programming Techniques
  • Standard 16-bit Peripheral Configuration and MPLAB(R) C30 C Compiler Programming Techniques
  • dsPIC(R) Motor Control Workshop
  • Smart Sensing and Passive Keyless Entry System Design
  • Analog Sensor Conditioning in Embedded Systems
  • Portable Power Management

  Microchip RTC Locations
Select your region for a list of locations and seminar contacts.

  What is an RTC?
Regional Training Centers are high tech engineering labs conveniently located worldwide and equipped with the most current embedded control tools, techniques and instructors. The RTCs conduct hands-on beginner, intermediate and advanced classes on Microchip's product lines to help you speed up your development time and lower your total system cost.

  How can RTCs help me?
The RTCs offer a variety of highly targeted design topics that can help you add functionality to your current applications and take full advantage of new or unfamiliar device peripherals. These classes can help you keep current in the competitive world of embedded control and stay ahead of industry trends and design techniques. The class sizes allow plenty of time for one-on-one interaction with the expert instructors.

  • What is a Regional Training Center (RTC)?
  • Who should attend?
  • What training classes are available?
  • What is the cost of an RTC class?
  • Payment Information
  • How do I Register

  Find a seminar and register.

About Microchip's Regional Training Centers
To meet customers' demands for more training more often, Microchip has established a worldwide network of Regional Training Centers (RTCs). Each of these engineering labs is designed to provide hands-on workshops and seminars on a year-round basis. Courses are developed to help the embedded control engineer learn how to design with Microchip development tools and silicon products.

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