Power trends in server farms
In managing a server farm, typical concerns at the forefront of a system administrator's mind include hard-drive space, software reliability, compatibility, system redundancy, and security. What many installations are starting to realize, however, is that as their systems continue to grow they are beginning to outgrow the amount of available electrical power. There are only two solutions to this problem. Either increase the system's capacity to deliver electrical power, or improve the efficiency of the power system in the servers.

  Power shelf handles up to 6,000 W
Fully compatible with standard 19-in. rack systems, the 1U-high S1U-3X power shelf is designed to accommodate up to three of the company's D1U AC/DC front-end power supplies in parallel.

  7,000-W supply uses liquid cooling
Measuring 12 x 2.8 x 18 in., LCPM Series 7-kW ac/dc liquid-cooled power modules can be deployed in a six-unit rack to deliver up to 42 kW of regulated power from a balanced three-phase 195 to 265-V (47 to 63-Hz) input.

  Switchers boast high power density
Addressing industrial, front-end data, and telecom-networking applications, LE Series 400-W ac/dc switchers have a power density of just under 11 W/in.3 and come in versions delivering from 1.8 V at 56 A to 48 V at 8.3 A.

  Modular switcher is easily configurable
Designed to give up to 400 W of single or mixed output from 3.3 to 48 Vdc, the 1U-high QuiQ modular switcher integrates four parallelable 100-W output modules.

  1U front end packs 2,500 W
Designed for use with network routers and switches, enterprise servers, telecommunications equipment, and industrial ATE applications, the CAR2500 1U-high ac/dc rackmount front end rectifier delivers up to 2,500 W with an operating efficiency as high as 92 percent.

  Modular supply runs in hot environments
Consisting of two PowerPac shelves with ratings of 400 or 600 W with a family of field-configurable plug-in dc-output modules, the Xhite Series ac/dc modular power system operates at up to 70degC at full load for use in harsh-environment applications with high ambient temperatures.

  Power center serves IT operations
Available in capacities from 15 to 300 kVA and including local and remote power-monitoring capabilities, the Liebert FPC power distribution system addresses high-density data centers and computer rooms.

  1U front end supports distributed power
Measuring 1.61 x 4.00 x 11.20 in., the CAR1212 front-end rectifier can deliver 12 V at up to 104 A for bus architectures driving POL converters for low- to mid-power datacom systems.

  Technology Focus: Digital Power
"Digital power" is one of those terms that do not properly describe the concept involved. What the electronics industry refers to as "digital power" isn't power delivered as a string of 1s and 0s; it is the two-way digital control and management of power.

  Digital power management in switchers
In the past, selecting switching power supplies for innovative electronic applications requiring fast time-to-market typically involved identifying products with power ratings, certifications, and environmental specifications as close as possible to what a designer needed.

  No alternative to energy
Alternative energy sources are the buzz right now, with developers trying to generate power using sources from fuel cells to wind power to waste heat and motion. However, how energy is generated is only one part of the equation. How that energy is used, no matter how exotic the generation method, is as important--if not more so--to an application as how the power got there.

  From digital confusion to digital conversion
Fuelled by arguments about the inevitable replacement of analog by digital, digital aficionados predict that as it has been for other market segments, the power industry will not be able to avoid the inevitable digital revolution.

  High Density CAR2500 >27Win3 Front End Power Supply
The CAR2500 is the only 1U, 2500W power supply on the market with twice the power of 1U competitive units. With an unprecedented power density of 27W per cubic inch and an efficiency of 92 percent, the new CAR2500 series is an unparalleled distributed-power-architecture solution.

  High Density AC254 - 10kW in 1U Rack Mount Chassis
The ACE254 fits in standard 19-inch telecom cabinets. The ACE254 rack comes in a 4-bay redundant, hot swap configuration offering scalability up to 10,000W. The universal rack supports the CAR2500 family of 48V and -54V output versions.

  High Density C-BUS - 500 Watt Quarter Brick
The industry leading 4:1 quarter-brick bus converter module is capable of delivering up to 500 Watts of total output power without a heatsink.

  Building Block Technology
Cherokee International leverages its leading edge building blocks from its technology roadmap into modified standard and custom products developed for unique applications.

  Research & Development and Technical Support
Our talented engineering and development staff provide capable and responsive engineering support.

  Global Operations
Cherokee maintains world-class design and manufacturing locations in key locations throughout the world ensuring our customers will receive the engineering, application, sales, and logistics support needed to bring product to market more quickly and economically.

  Quality / Reliability
Cherokee is committed to provide "Customer Satisfaction" by designing and delivering reliable, defect-free, competitive products and services, on time and continually improve upon this commitment. We utilize a Global Total Quality Management System. All of our divisional Quality Managers report to our Corporate Director of Quality ensuring consistent measurement and collection of SPC data and deployment of controls of operation.

  Custom Solutions
Cherokee International utilizes its standard range of high density front power products as the building blocks of complete solutions to satisfy the most demanding custom power requirements. For this reason, Cherokee International has long been recognized as the world leader in custom power solutions.

  Award Winning Support/Customer Testimonials
Cherokee has demonstrated exceptional customer service and support acknowledged by testimonials and an award for customer support.

About Cherokee International
Cherokee International designs, manufactures and markets high-reliability custom and standard switch-mode power supplies for datacom, telecom, medical and process-control applications.

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