Minimizing power loss in PFC converters

Clever control techniques yield significant improvements in the efficiency of PFC converters

As the appetite for consumer electronics and computers at home and in the workplace increases, the focus on the cost of power consumption has gained much greater attention. The demand to reduce power consumption at the user level is driving the trend to make internal and external power supplies much more energy efficient than ever before.

  PFC/PWM controller offers power-efficient designs
Housed in a 16-pin SOIC package, the NCP1603 PFC/PWM controller integrates standby and high-voltage startup capabilities.

  PFC tools allow faster power designs
The IRAC1150-D2 power factor correction (PFC) control design kit and the PFC design tool allow for faster PFC designs when using the IR1150 PFC control IC.

  PFC module comes with evaluation board
Available in power ratings from 500 to 3,000 W, the Model 7720 PFC module is a complete system that also is available with an evaluation and design kit for testing and system integration.

  PFC supply provides 1,500 W
Suitable for use in communications, instrumentation and industrial control applications, the Cotek 1K5U Series of PFC ac/dc power supplies take from 90 to 260 V and delivers a single output ranging from 12 to 60 V at 1500 W.

  PFC controller adds safety features
Designed for ac/dc power applications in the 100 to 300-W range, the L6563 PFC controller offers burnout and feedback disconnection protection features.

  PFC SPM drives motors up to 6 kW
Providing 99% power factor compliant with IEC61000-3-2, the FPDBx0PH60 Series smart-power modules are designed for full-switching PFC in motor drive applications over the 3 to 6-kW power range.

  PFC controller reduces power loss
Housed in 8-pin DIP and 8-SOP packaging, the FAN7528 PFC controller reduces standby power as much as 320 mW in switch-mode power supply designs under 250 W.

  Understanding PFC
There are several ways to implement power factor correction circuits

  PFC options for power supplies
There is more than one way to perform power-factor correction

  PFC Controllers
Fairchild offers a full line of both standalone PFC controllers and PFC/PWM combo controllers. These controllers offer crucial energy and cost-saving solutions that address the demanding requirements of a diverse range of medium and high power Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) designs.

  Want to reduce power losses up to 320mW in your under 250W power supply designs?
Fairchild's PFC controller, the FAN7528, increases efficiency and since it is highly integrated, eliminates discrete components to reduce board space. To learn more, click here:

  Looking for a simple solution for improving PFC in low, medium and high power applications?
Fairchild's PFC controllers include circuits for the implementation of leading edge, average current, boost-type power factor correction and comply with the IEC 1000.3.2 specification.

  Want to find out more about Fairchild's power factor correction controllers and other switch mode power supply offerings?
Download our AC/DC design guide

  Want to try an interactive tutorial on power factor correction?
Fairchild's PFC Toolkit offers an interactive tutorial on power factor correction and associated regulations. This tool reviews and compares control methods such as peak current, discontinuous peak current, and average current and identifies the advantages and disadvantages of each. A selector tool is available to help choose the topology as well as the optimal Fairchild product for the topology.

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