Powering Portable Products
The pressures on the power industry are formidable. Driving a portable product involves more than just sticking a battery into it. Today's highly mobile consumer wants highly mobile electronics. A typical business trip these days requires an MP3 player for the plane ride, a PDA that can download e-mail while out of the office, and a cell phone to keep in touch with the staff back home.Some consumers expect a single portable device to handle all these functions and more in one package. It has to be flashier, louder, clearer, and easier to understand than yesterday's model. And its battery has to last longer, too.

  LED driver outputs 500 mA
Suited for driving main and camera LEDs in cellular phones, the 800-kHz LTC3210 1x/1.5x/2x multimode charge pump provides five LED current sources at up to 500 mA of total output current (four 25-mA LED main display, and one high-current 400-mA camera LED display).

  Reference design suits wireless headsets
Designed for a USB-based wireless headset, the RFWaves reference design features a 2.4-GHz wireless link and 16-bit PCM audio quality.

  PFC controller reduces power loss
Housed in 8-pin DIP and 8-SOP packaging, the FAN7528 PFC controller reduces standby power as much as 320 mW in switch-mode power supply designs under 250 W.

  Zero-drift op amp cuts power, size
Micropower device offers one-tenth the quiescent current of its nearest competitor.

  EL lamp driver offers higher brighness
Designed to light today's keypads for handheld devices, the HV860 EL lamp driver features adjustable output regulation for dimming capability to reduce power consumption and 220-V peak-to-peak output voltage for high brightness.

  Li-ion charger saves space for compact apps
Designed for single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery packs for use in mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and MP3 players, the L6924D Li-ion battery charger integrates all the required power elements, plus other functions, into a 3 x 3-mm package.

  Charge pumps offer 1.5x, 2x operation
Available in 10-pin MSOP or DFN packages, the MCP1256/57/58/59 charge pumps automatically switch between 1.5x and 2x boost operation.

  PMIC enables smaller, efficient ac/dc converters
Device offers 1% increase in efficiency over traditional discrete current transformer designs

  Triple-voltage ÁP monitor consumes 6.2 µA
Consuming only 6.2 µA, the AS1920/AS1922 family of triple-voltage microprocessor supervisory circuits are ideal for battery-powered equipment, computers, intelligent instruments, and critical microprocessor and microcontroller power monitoring.

  Video driver measures 1 x 1.5 mm
Housed in a 1 x.5-mm CSP, the ISL59111 video driver integrates an 8-MHz low-pass filter, an op amp, and a sync-tip clamp.

  Powerful Pressures
The pressures on the power industry are formidable. From batteries to switchers, the power source in a device has to be smaller than the last generation while delivering more power with nearly no noise and even less heat. Fortunately there are a lot of smart people out there working on ways to improve power system performance using technologies from the mundane to the fantastic.

  Selecting wireless LAN solutions for handheld platforms
The designer must consider several key factors

  A GPS receiver primer
Several parameters should be considered when designing a low-cost low-component-count part

  Understanding PFC
There are several ways to implement power factor correction circuits

  Audio/Video Multimedia ICs
As multimedia technology becomes ever more pervasive, audio and video ICs -- such as audio amplifiers, encoders/decoders, display drivers, and video switches and processors -- are offering increasing features and integration. This roundup contains brief descriptions of a variety of new and recent audio/video multimedia ICs.

  Product Application Focus: Consumer Electronics
Consumer products will be the major growth drivers in years ahead. New innovations in gaming, entertainment, and wireless broadband will support this increase. Here is a sampling of components that are used in these products.

  Fairchild's 30V MOSFETs Optimize Efficiency and Space for Synchronous Buck Applications
The high side control MOSFET (FDS6298) and the low side MOSFET (FDS6299S) form a low gate charge solution that increases current density and switching peformance in synchronous buck converter applications such as notebooks using IMVP specfications and set-top boxes.

  Fairchild's 15MBd High Speed CMOS Optocouplers Provide Excellent Noise Immunity and Low Power for Industrial Applications
The FOD0708 (single-channel) and FOD0738 (dual-channel) 15MBd optocouplers offer the industry's highest common mode noise rejection (CMR) to prevent noise-induced data errors in industrial control environments. Fairchild's patented Optoplanar™ technology reduces package capacitance more than 30% compared to competitive solutions.

  Fairchild's Motion-SPM™ Simplifies Designs for Appliance Inverter Motor Drive Designs Under 200W
Fairchild's FCBS0550 and FCBS0650 are specifically designed to reduce board space (by 20and improve system performance and reliability for refridgerator applications. These devices integrate six MOSFETs, three HVICs and one LVIC into one thermally efficient module. The MOSFET's body diode features soft recovery behavior and low conduction loss to increase efficiency and reduce noise.

  Fairchild's Motor Drive Solutions Tool
Fairchild recently launched a motor drive solution design tool that helps you select the right product for motor drive applications such as home appliances, while providing technical information on products and design techniques.

  Fairchild Semiconductor is Now Shipping 100% RoHS Compliant Products
Fairchild is shipping its complete portfolio of basic marked components - totaling more than 34,000 products - in configurations that conform to the European (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive. This directive bans new electrical and electronic equipment containing certain chemicals, including lead (Pb), from the EU market starting July 1, 2006. Explore our Pb-free tool and our RoHS knowledgebase.

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